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Solution Schemes for Retail Industry of Fast Moving Consumption Goods

The Solution Schemes for Retail Industry of Fast Moving Consumption Goods is the ones that Yuanfu focuses on the logistics dilemmas and problems to make the customized service products, which are the FMCC’s easy to damage, easy to mix goods, low consolidation rate, obvious seasonal fluctuations, low storage used rate, high cost, asymmetric supply chain information, frequent out-of-stock phenomenon, multiple delivery nets and slow timeliness; Through building up a national cloud warehouse system, enlarging the delivery range and depth, improving the delivery timeliness, lower down the logistics cost and goods damage rate, all of which solved the customer’s logistics dilemmas, improved the consumer’s service experiences; and which are mainly serving the dairy products, alcohol drinks, none-alcohol drinks, snacks and some other items.

Industry pain points


Multiple Distribution Channels, Asymmetric Information


Peak Season and Off Seasons’ Big Fluctuation


Storage Nets Layout and Distribution, Difficult Management


Multiple Delivery Nodes, High Requirement on Timeliness, Influenced a lot by the Inside City’s Traffics

Core Advantages

Cloud Warehouse Network: 

Seven Regions RDC within this whole nation, covers the various municipal cities around this country, cities DC densely distribution, warehouse intelligent scheduling, supports the customer’s channel sinking, the cooperation modes are: multiple nets warehousing, regional delivery; single net warehousing, one warehouse for national delivery.

Professional Storage

Provides normal temperature warehouse, constant warehouse for B2B and B2C storage services, the service contents include goods storage, shelving, replenishment, picking, outbound, daily inventory and some regular services and coding and labeling, packaging, replace packaging, combined packaging service, gift management, loading and unloading and the value added services; Professional hardware inside the warehouse, WMS Cloud system, management on the goods expiration, first in and first out, guarantee the goods’ freshness.

Delivery System

Yuanfu Cloud Warehouse keeps a close cooperation with the local delivery company and the express enterprises, supporting the shopping malls, supermarkets, special stores, distributors, individuals and multiple channels for delivery services, guaranteed the timeliness delivery and service quality.

Service Contents


  • Warehousing Inspection

  • Inventory Visualization

  • Fast Delivery,Supports B2B and B2C

  • Supports Diverse Value Added Services


  • Appointment Delivery

  • Reverse Logistics

  • Multiple Nets Delivery

  • Supermarkets, Special Stores, Distributors, Individuals Flexible Deliveries.


  • Sales Prediction

  • Replenishment Plan

  • Transparent KPI Data

  • Full-Chain Route Information Flow 

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