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For different business status, provides mobile phone APP and some other mobile application products, providing the best mobile service experiences.



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Qiankun Cargo Owner APP

Qiankun Cargo Owner APP is for the users demanding of consigned goods as application software of online publishing delivery resources, online orders, inquiry orders, by current price competition to lower down the freight, and improve the cargos transportation timeliness, with entire process surveillance on goods safety.


High Efficiency Delivery

Mass Empty Vehicles are standing by at any time, easy one key delivery

Timely Feedback

Tracking and positioning of goods in transit, current inquiry for detail goods resources.

Freight Control

Online drivers will compete the price at the same time, it is effectively lower down the logistics cost.

Safety Guarantee

5A Level Logistics Enterprise Products, Cares Your Goods with the Entire Process

Family Vehicle Carrier

Comprehensive Management on Family Persons and Vehicles, More Safety on Prior Choice

Simple to Use

Interface is comfortable and simple to operate, and is easy to get a fast master even for the new

Qiankun Driver APP

Qiankun Driver APP is a truck driver applied software for online orders, searching for goods resources, which can help the driver to get more logistics transaction opportunities, reduce the returning of empty trip, improve the operational efficiency, strengthen the guarantee of the freight settlement.


Free for Goods Sourcing

Free usage on open platform, easy to get the logistics sourcing

Real Goods Sourcing

The platform certification is valid, it’s reliable for the goods sourcing choice

Take Orders at Any Time

24 Hs Online Order-taking, No Empty Trip at All

Safety Guarantee

Current Inquiry on Order Records, More Guaranteed on Freight Settlement

Value Added Service

Personal Customized and Thoughtful Functions, Full-functional Driver’s Stewards

Simple to Use

Interface is comfortable and simple to operate, and is easy to get a fast master even for the new

Sky-eye APP

Make analysis on the platform automatically according to the users’ behaviors based on the enterprise level of customers, current data collection, model-building, analysis, market driving, product optimization, user operation, management surveillance.


Collection and Model-building

Full collection on all the data from front-end, back-end and the historical occurred, supports multiple type of event tracking, builds the complete database for the enterprise, deeply digs the data values.

Data Analysis

Clear of the mobile-end operation, general analysis on the sales manager behaviors as the features, accurate sale achievement prediction, assists the management decisions.

Privatization Deployment

From raw material purchase to manufacture, and to the finished goods sale, allocation, recycle, how the enterprise should reduce the stocks, lower down the cost in transportation, delivery and comprehensive cost? How to solve the capital problems in various segments in the supply chain, full chain connected information and process transparency? Yuanfu logistics is the field supply chain experts, will provide you solution schemes from end to end, assists the customers to gathering core business, and wins on the supply chain!

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