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Yuanfu Express News | Yiwu of Zhejiang Province—Bachu of Xinjiang Province by Photovoltaic Parts Special Railway Succeeded for Dispatch

2024-03-04 14:48:49 36


On Aril 16, along with a long siren hoots, taking 42 carriages photovoltaic parts and loading on the liner railway starts for a departure, from Yiwu of Zhejiang Province to Bachu of Xinjiang Province. This symbolized that Logistics coordination and transportation under Yuanfu Logistics takes the Oriental Sunrise——Yue Hydroelectric Bachu Countys Integrated Project as the photovoltaic parts special railway has succeeded for dispatch]

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The relative companys leaders from Sunrise Oriental New Energy Co., Ltd., the related leaders from Yiwu railways west station, CEO Mr. Li Jun from Yuanfu logistics Group take together with the project team members presented this railway departure ceremony, and made a deep discussion and communication for the future development directions of the supplying chain in new energy industry.

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During the NPC & CPPCC in 2021, the “Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality” have been written into the governments working report for the first time, and proposed that our national carbon emissions will reach the peak value before 2030, and will realized the target for carbon neutrality before 2060. To take the renewable energy, and to be engaged into the sustainable development is the big trend for the current times, so the new energy industry has a prosperous prospect.

Mr. Li Jun pointed that, comparing with the other industries, the photovoltaic supplying chain owns its special characteristics: The project is within scattered distribution, most of the installations are in rural distant mountainous areas, with long distance transportation, poor transportation conditions, if confronts with soft and muddy rural roads and the easily occurred landslide roads, once with unsuitable operation, then it will cause great damages and loss, then the transportation risks are very high.

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On the selection of the transportation way, the railway transportation is with favorable price, safe and convenient, green and environment protection, rare influence on the weather and some other various advantages, all of which become the first option of long distance transportation for photovoltaic enterprises. Yuanfu has integrated to the railway transportation advantages, and depends on the self-completed road transpiration recourses, it can provide customized logistics transportation solutions for the enterprises, and can match the best lines then realize the conditions as shortest consumptions and best favorable expenses.

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In order to ensure that the project will be delivered successfully, Yuanfu Logistics Group makes a powerful combination with the railway institutions just according to customers’ transportation demanding, transportation limited expirations and some other personalized requirements, depending on the self-combined resource advantages, all of which can provide an integrated solution with road and railway joint transportations on a customized way for the customers. Meanwhile, it can also provide a convenient vehicle departure conditions, guarantee the safety transportation and high efficiency of the new energy equipments components within full strength and reach the projects destination successfully.

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From the departure station to the destination station, Yuanfu personnel teams are following on the whole transportation process in 24 hours, they will make road survey planning, loading and unloading protection, loading and sealing of vehicles, transportation and distribution and some other field operations, they can also solve the urgent problems in a flexible way. This lot of the photovoltaic parts is the direct purchasing from Oriental Sunrise in Yiwu Factory arranged for short shuttle delivery to Yiwu west station, and takes the Yiwu-Bachu liner railway for the direct delivery, and then transfer to the projects locations ends for short shuttle unloading and delivery.

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Meanwhile, Yuanfu makes a shipment supplementary scheme for this project, This project totally delivered 591megawatt solar energy components, and this liner railway is just one of the lots, if there is temporary delivery plan in the future, and under condition that obstacles come from the original delivery station, then it can start from the back up station to ensure the timely develiery.

It is reported that, after the project input, it can save standard coal for 437,802tons/year in average, reduce the carbon emissions for1,194,656tons/year, reduce the sulfur dioxide emission for 229.8tons/year, reduce the nitrogen oxide emissions for 128.5257tons/year, and reduce the smoke emission for 46.0 tons/year.

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Since 2020, Yuanfu Logistics pays more attention on new energy field, especially in photovoltaic industry, which has served many leading enterprises. Based on the dilemmas of supplying chain in photovoltaic industry, Yuanfu Logistics concentrates on  Two Empowerments.

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On the roof design aspect, according to the current enterprises business landscapes, it creates customized supplying chain solutions, depends on digital transportation platform from Yuanfu Logistics, realizing the full landscape surveillance, providing scientific references for the decision makers through big data analysis, solving the coordinative problems in photovoltaic industry, and finally realize the enterprises to lower the cost and increase the efficiency benefits.

On the underground operation aspect, it provides the comprehensive operational qualify and service guarantee, allocates multiple ways of connective transportation recourses, warehousing recourses and professional teamwork resources, and provides flexible services according to the projects real executive conditions, solve the difficulties on warehousing and transportation happen in various transportation segments, all of which will realize that the photovoltaic supplying chain can make timely delivery.

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Presently, Yuanfu railway transportation services are rooted in the Yangtze River Delta regions, making the important distribution in three provinces and one city as Shanghai, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province and Anhui Province, covering various areas in this whole nation. Through the high efficiency organization to make the cargos delivery, making strict controls on cargos timely arrival, lower damage rate, and improves the cargos transportation rate, finally promotes the service supplying levels.

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In the coming future, Yuanfu will make a further flexible transportation recourses on the whole line, through the road, railway and water connective transportation, the low carbon logistics can realize the high efficiency transportation for photovoltaic new energy industry, which will also devote a positive strength to the national new energy cause development!

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