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[Fuyunduo] Network Freight Platform, Help the Enterprises Start the Road of Logistics Convenience!

2024-03-04 14:44:51 3566


Network Freight is not a fresh word any more. In recent years, along with the big progress in internet covering rate, together with the No Contact solid online consumption habit during the epidemic times, the third party logistics gradually steps to digital supplying chain, the network freight has been accepted by many enterprises and used widely.

In 2020, Yuanfu Logistics Group promoted [Fuyunduo]APP and Wechat Applet, which was officially made the first strike on network freight.

Until now, [Fuyunduo] owns the drivers over one million, thousands of enterprises make the large cargo transportation business through Yuanfu Qiankun TMS(Fuyunduo Cargo Owners End), and realize the Cloudy Management for the whole process of supplying chain, and it lowers the average labor cost for 10%~20%, improves the operational efficiency for 15%~30%.


Q: Compare with the traditional cargo, what are the advantages of [Fuyunduo]Network Freight Platform?

A: The traditional highway transportation exists many dilemmas.

First of all, it is the transportation cost. The outsourcing vehicle business of the manufacturing enterprises is hard to get legal compliance input, which will cause the breakage on the VAT chain, then it cause higher tax burden cost for the enterprise.

Secondly, it is the documents management problems. There is too much work to do on the offline tidy up of the documents for the transportation vehicles and the drivers credentials, there is high risk for mistakes and is difficult for management; For the various expenses offline records, it is much easier to cause repeat expenditure, higher risk for finance is existing.

Thirdly, it is the drivers management problems. It is hard to get inquiry on transportation expenses, and it always needs to inquire the drive by phone; There is also a long settlement circle for the transportation expenses; It is not convenient to communicate with the drivers, and is hard to supervise the cargos transportation conditions.

[Fuyunduo] Network Freight Platform can solve all the above dilemmas, and provides the service supports for the enterprises managers as logistics transaction, financial settlement, tax planning and some other full chain services, which will largely improve the work efficiency and lower the operational cost.


Q:  How about the qualification of [Fuyunduo] Network Freight Platform? How about the safety?

A: For the compliance aspect, Yuanfu Logistics Group has already got the network freight qualification according to the national network requirements, it owns separate research network freight SASS system. The full process is handled online, five logistics combined with one, one to one restores the logistics real operational landscape, assists the cargo owners to make the operational management.

For the safety aspect, [Fuyunduo] Network Freight Platform has already gained the Level III Security(National Information System Security Level Protection Level III Certification), which effectively guarantees the customers document and information security and capital security, meanwhile, it realizes the tax compliance according to the national network freight standard requirements.

Besides, [Fuyunduo] Network Freight Platform takes the double-code guarantee rules + mobile messages authorizing certification system, and directly cooperate with the banks as CITIC and the Constructional Bank of China. The capital is under the banks supervision, 7*24 hours payment, no worries on the payment.


Q: If [Fuyunduo] can help the enterprise to make the safety management on the drivers?

A: Sure. 1. [Fuyunduo]Network Freight Platform strictly obeys operations according to the national network freight online requirements, selects the drivers credentials information (ID Card, Drivers License, Driving License and Road Transportation Permit), requires the drivers operational qualification is qualified and within the expiration. 2. The platform builds the drivers evaluation system, the cargo owners can evaluate the drivers in multiple dimensions, and choose the reliable transportation.

Fuyunduo Network Freight Platform

1. Sharing Transportation Resources

Depends on 5A logistics enterprise network freight platform, sharing the whole network of transportation recourses, mastering the current available vehicles information, and finally realizing the transportation transactions in a rapid speeds.

2.Place Orders in Various Landscapes

Full service is provided to the bulk cargos transportation, liner logistics, city distribution business, simplified shipping functions, all of which comply with the logistics manual habit.


(Publish the Cargo Recourses)

3.  Drivers mobile takes orders

Free selections on mass cargo recourses, get the business anyway and anytime; The full procedures as get orders, receipt, payment can be operated on the cell phone, it is easy to understand.

4. Lower the Transportation Cost

Get the public quotation with transparent transportation expenses; The platform processes the procedures automatically, which saves the cost for documents tidy up and the processing management and contro


(In Transit Monitoring)

5. Visual for the Whole Transportation

Get the drivers GPS information currently, can trace the orders and vehicle trajectory, get feedback of the abnormal conditions in time, it is convenient and flexible to process.

6. Intelligent Reporting System

Generate the Profit Statement and the Project Profit Report automatically, provides the accurate and reliable operational data for the management and finance personnel.


(Intelligent Report)

7.  Platform Payment Guarantee

The platform will generate the drivers transpiration expenses automatically, it will be paid automatically after the mission completed, the enterprise and the bank connected directly, transfers to the account within 5 minutes.

8. Tax Solution Scheme

Face the member platform, provides the compliance, low cost of tax solution schemes, and the financial service support for the supplying chain.


(Can Operate through the Cell Phone, Manage the Logistics Business at anywhere and anytime)

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