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Storage Resources: Yuanfu provides the storage lease and comprehensive management service for enterprise customers in flexible, scientific and economical ways. The enterprises are not necessary to get self-built storage houses, through the storage resources under Yuanfu’s systems, which can keep good of the storage cargos, which have the functions to realize the quick stocking, quick outbound, safety supervision and intelligent inventory by the information management platform.

Yuanfu’s Cloud Warehouse

Yuanfu’s Cloud Warehouse is on the basis of big data technology and promotion of information platform, takes the self-developed WMS (Cloud Warehouse Management System), and connected with the OMS (Order Management System), TMS (Transportation Management System) and some other information system and the drivers’ version and the cargo owner’s APP, all of which improve the whole process of coordinate management in supply chain, and realize the target as cost down and efficiency up.

B2B E-Commerce Storage Management


Support the Piece Rate Assessment on Distributed Operational Node

Goods Warehousing

Combined Shipment

Support the Entire Process PN (Commodity Bar Code)

Support One Location Storage, Whole Nation’s Stocking Operation

On-stock and Outbound of Entire Business Process Management and Operational Node Supervision

SN/IMEI (Commodity Serial No.) Management

Support Separate Warehouse Management

Pick Cargos by crossing the sub-warehouse within the same Logistics Park

Delivery Appointment

Communicate with the customer and build the “Green Channel”
Guarantee the Delivery Timeliness, Fast Disposal on Abnormality

Warehousing and Stocking

Select the Cargos, “Special Supply” for Store Customers
Accessible Delivery

Transportation and Delivery

Material Recheck, Second Package on Special Goods
lower down the Damage Rate


Set up Specialists as the Interface Persons for Transportation and Delivery
Fast Feedback and Follow-up on Abnormalities

Return Management

The refused goods will enter into the system management
the Return System Management and Surveillance

Quality Control

Daily Report Management,Bulletin
Improve the Operational Quality

Value-added Service

Goods Quality Inspection

Inspect on the customer’s arrival goods, supervised the goods quality and order compliance status

Inventory and Sorting of Goods

Can provide the services as OPI and Sorting Service according to customer’s needs

Labeling and Coding

According to the customer’s needs, it can provide the Coding and Labeling Service for the goods


Can provide the Customized Packaging Materials, Product Combination Packaging, Promotional Packaging, Replace Packing and some other services

Disassembly and Assembly

Labeling and Coding for goods, Customized Packaging, Replace Packaging and Reprocessing Services

Stock Analysis

Product Inventory Age, Expiration Analysis, Various Report Analysis Services

Delivery Service

Can provide the Outbound Delivery Service for the customers

Five Advantages



According to different projects’ features and demands, can get customized grounding, inventory and sorting strategies in a high efficiency and economical way


Wide Coverage

The National Storage Resources and Operation Teams are convenient for customer’s distribution layout and market-close



The Storage Space supplies are from tens of square meters to thousands of square meters, which is flexible and mobile



The Self-developed WMS system is available for the customer to check the view the data of the storage goods with the entire process, which is also flexible for customized development and system connection according to the customer’s needs



Upon the rapid development on E-Commerce and New Retail Industries, Yuanfu’s Cloud Warehouse system provides the fronting warehouse management in communities, which also provides a zero distance service in the consumption-end, helps the customer is prior to take the new trendy opportunities in the social communication and E-Commerce.