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Solution Schemes for Electronic Appliances

Yuanfu Electronic Appliances Supply Chain is considering about the dilemmas for this industry, such as large purchasing needs fluctuations, logistics timeliness high requirement, high requirement on safety, large fluctuations on purchasing needs, it takes the goods safety with fast delivery as the first protocol, based on the high standard quality safety management system, matches Yuanfu’s storage of national stocking to guarantee the transportation timeliness and the fast logistics response, and makes the terminal delivery to the customer end, satisfied the user’s industrial supply chain needs, which are mainly serving 3C Digital Products, Office Equipment, Major Appliances, Small Home Appliances and some other items.

Industrial Dilemma


High Requirement of Goods Values, High requirement on the Guarantee of Goods Transportation Safety


Needs fast National Stocking in a short period, High Requirement on Storage


Delivery Ends needs delivery to the door, and upstairs needs


Large Fluctuation on Raw Materials Price, Annual Degrading on Profit Rate, needs to solve the financial issues of the supply chain

Core Adavantages

Delivery to the Door

Yuanfu owns over 600 vehicles, the cities delivery cooperative vehicles are over 10,000, the vehicle resources are rich, and allocated with professional delivery labor workers, which can satisfy the customer’s needs of delivery to the door.

Professional Storage

According to the electronic industrial goods features, combined with the Yuanfu’s Storage network coverage ability, which provides the customer with national stocking help and makes flexible lease according to the real needs, and optimized the storage cost.

Safety Guarantee

Professional Electronic Product Packaging, Vehicle Transportation Schemes and Transportation Guarantee Schemes, lower down the damage, high standard safety management system, intelligent Surveillance Management System, Visualization Monitoring and Fast Response. 

Service Content


  • National wide backbone network opening, guaranteed the transportation timeliness

  • Multiple projects recourses sharing, guaranteed the transportation sufficiency

  • Guaranteed Vehicle Resources in Peak/Off Seasons

  • Fast emergency plan, current response, deals with the abnormal processing


  • Operation for Warehousing and Out-bound

  • Return to Warehouse/Factory

  • Labeling Service

  • Goods Loading and Unloading

  • Electronic Appliances Professional Packaging

Goods Safety

  • Safety Packaging

  • OPI

  • Delivery Loading and Unloading

  • Goods Insurance

  • Current Surveillance/Abnormality Alarms

  • Abnormal Processing


  • Delivery to the Door

  • Cycle Delivery

  • City Roads Control Prevention

  • Safety Delivery