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Supply Chain Service

From raw material purchase to manufacture, and to the finished goods sale, allocation, recycle, how the enterprise should reduce the stocks, lower down the cost in transportation, delivery and comprehensive cost? How to solve the capital problems in various segments in the supply chain, full chain connected information and process transparency? Yuanfu logistics is the field supply chain experts, will provide you solution schemes from end to end, assists the customers to gathering core business, and wins on the supply chain!


Competitive Sketch Map Among the Enterprise Supply Chains

Service Advantages

Planning and Landing Abilities

It is qualified with the ability to provide the customer with supply chain for comprehensive planning and landing implementation

National Wide Network

Covers the national wide with logistics service ability

Integration Service

End to end warehouse dry distribution integrated logistics solution

Science Support

Strong information system, assists the customer with the upstream and off stream coordination and service process transparency

Service Guarantee

Supply Chain service assists the customers to activate capital flow

Supply Chain Service Resource System

  • Transportation Resource

    Realize the National Wide Network Coverage

    Yuanfu owns the multiple cooperative logistics network for national coverage, operations the cooperative resources in expressway, railway, waterway and airway at the same time; On the equipment allocation, Yuanfu owns thousands of vehicles for allocation resources, satisfies the transportation capacity with whole network as the total goods volume for over 30,000 tons per day. Through the Qiankun system of intelligent transportation pool, which makes the transportation and goods reach the best optimized allocation. In the future, Yuanfu will set-up the overseas subsidiary gradually, and make global layout.

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  • Storage Resource

    Cloud End Control for Storage Management

    For online business, Yuanfu has self-developed cloud storage system, it realizes the intelligent storage management from static warehouse, coordinative warehouse to intelligent warehouse. For the offline business, Yuanfu owns automatic scales, strong operational ability of modernized warehouse in national wide logistics nodes in various regions, including provincial warehouse, city level warehouse, county level warehouse, totally is over 500,000 square meters.

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  • Delivery Resource

    Fast Touchable Terminal Market

    Yuanfu depends on the national range of supply chain service network, completed inter city delivery system and city delivery logistics information interactive platform, from raw material origins to logistics hub, finished RDC warehouse, CDD direct delivery, COD landing delivery and a serial terminal delivery. Through the combination of sorting strategy and delivery strategy, it makes the goods deliver to the terminal market very fast, which solved the last-kilometer problems for the supply chain service.

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  • Supply Chain Service

    Promote the Industrial Finance Connection

    Yuanfu Supply Chain Service is engaged in to the interactive progress between industry and finance, depends on the complete supply chain service system and risk control system, provides the supply chain service product and solution schemes for the enterprise with accounts receivable factor transactions, finance lease, impawning supervision, promotes the enterprise financing, assists the enterprise to build the good cooperative platforms as enterprise and bank, enterprise and upstream and off stream customers.

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