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Solution Schemes of Industrial Machinery Industry

The Solution Schemes of Supply Chain in Industrial Machinery Industry is the ones that Yuanfu focuses on the dilemmas and problems as standardization lack in supply chain, poor cost control, complicated supply chain, distributed information supply chain, and provides the customized service product; through the supply chain service for the entire process, assists the customers in supply chain plan, provides the customer with safe transportation plan, under the condition that it satisfies the goods safety and lower down the logistics cost and improve the transportation timeliness, all of which solved the customer’s dilemmas and improved the consumers’service experiences; all of which are mainly serving the  Industrial Equipment, Agricultural Machineries, Steel Structures, Automobile Industry and Automobile Parts and some other items.

Industrial Dilemmas


Distributed Information in the Supply Chain, Asymmetric Information


Many Parts Suppliers, Difficult Control on Purchasing Supply Chain


Poor Control on Supply Chain Cost


The delivery is influenced and restricted by the roads, then it needs the transportation scheme planning.

Core Advantages

Purchase End

By providing the VMI Storage, JIT, MILKRUN and some other customized services, matches the production plan, and optimized the storage cost.

Transportation End

Provides the customer with transportation plan schemes and multiple transportation modes for timely products, and guaranteed the timeliness delivery and supports the full-channel delivery mode at the same time, finally improved the customer’s satisfaction.

Supply Chain Information System

Depends on Yuanfu Group Science Company’s strong scientific power, realized the information integration, and improved the automation operational scales, optimized the operational efficiency; It provides a serial customized value added service abilities, improved the service flexibilities, optimized the business process, then finally improved the management rate.

Service Contents


  •  VMI Storage

  • JIT Service


  • Supports Diverse Value Added Service

Main Stain

  • Road Transportation Scheme

  • Multiple Transportation Service

  • Commodity Packaging and Binding

  • Transportation Safety Guarantee and Emergency Plan


  • Current Data Visual Surveillance

  • Multiple Transportation of Full Data Flow

  • Information System Integration

  • Full Chain Routes Information Flow