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Solution Schemes of Home Building Material Industry

Yuanfu is focusing to provide the solution schemes for the supply chain in home building material industry according to the customer’s dilemmas as high damage rate, low standardization, low promotion of information, low timeliness, and makes the customized service product; depends on the national strong storage coverage network, self-developed information system support, original storage regions coordination advantages, providing the high quality of one integration service of storage, improving the delivery timeliness, lower down the logistics cost and goods damage rate, through all that, Yuanfu solved the customer’s logistics dilemmas and improved the customer’s service experiences; which are mainly serving the fields as Ceramic Tiles, Flooring, Bathroom, Ceiling, Lighting Fixtures, Wooden Doors and some other fields of customers.

Industrial Dilemmas


Multiple Distribution Channels, Asymmetric Information


Peak Season and Off Seasons’ Big Fluctuation


Storage Nets Layout and Distribution, Difficult Management


Multiple Delivery Nodes, High Requirement on Timeliness, Influenced a lot by the Inside City’s Traffics

Core Advantages

Transportation Recourse

Yuanfu depends on the self-developed national transportation scheduling platforms, masters the social cooperative controllable recourses as over 10,000 sets, combined with the self-owned vehicles for over 600, it is rich in vehicle resources. It can make coordination and sharing for project needs and multiple project resources.

Information Platform

Yuanfu own independent scientific and research development teams, self-developed supply chain information management system as i-scp, it has unique advantages in big data integration, which can provide the professional data analysis, and make the customized solution schemes, and make the further improvement on supply chain efficiency rate.

Safety Guarantee

Professional Electronic Product Packaging, Vehicle Transportation Schemes and Transportation Guarantee Schemes, lower down the damage, high standard safety management system, intelligent Surveillance Management System, Visualization Monitoring and Fast Response. 

Service Content


  • National wide backbone network

  • multiple project resources sharing

  • standardized operation process

  • fast emergency plan schemes as the service contents


  • Operation for Warehousing and Out-bound

  • Return to Warehouse/Factory

  • Daily Inventory

  • Temperature and Humidity Surveillance

  • Goods Loading  and Unloading

  • Secondary

Goods Safety

  • Safety Packaging

  • OPI

  • Delivery Loading and Unloading

  • Goods Insurance

  • Current Surveillance/Abnormality Alarms

  • Abnormal Processing 


  • Entire Process Surveillance for the Supply Chain

  • Sales Prediction

  • Replenishment Plan

  • KPI Data