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Delivery Service

Yuanfu depends on the national wide range of complete delivery system connected inter cities and inside cities, and the sufficient delivery vehicles resources and the cities’ delivery information of interactive platforms, providing the fast, safe and thoughtful terminal logistics services.


City Delivery

Covers distributors, shopping malls, supermarkets and stores, E-Commerce business deliveries to the fronting and stacking services.


Regional Delivery

Delivery to surrounding districts, counties and township services.

Service Advantages


Delivery Network

Can take the inside cities and surrounding delivery services within the national main cities.


Delivery Resources

Complies with the environmental requirement, cities and districts’ convenient sufficient delivery vehicles.


Information Platform

Visible scheduling functions and vehicle tracking system, which provide a transparent and controllable entire process for delivery.


Co-acquisition and Co-Delivery

Front-end Pickup, Back-end Delivery for multiple customers’coordination, making the biggest usage on the resources and the best optimized cost.


Intelligent Scheduling and Lining

Depends on the strong delivery system with the data analysis, making an intelligent match among orders, terminal receipt features, traffic routes and delivery resources, realizing the best balance among distance, time, transportation capability and cost.


Electronic Fences and Intelligent Alarms

Exclude the special manual report and interference, the operational routes and plans of the delivery vehicles can be automatically monitored by the system.


Warehouse Distribution and Collaboration

It has an integration service with the storage management, more fluent in delivery connections, which is more convenient for the coordination between orders organization and offline operations.


Multiple Nets Delivery

Based on the matches among system, APP data analysis and resources, realizing the operational optimization between multiple nets delivery for single customer and multiple customers.