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Solution Schemes of General Chemical Industry

Yuanfu provides the solution schemes of supply chain in the General Chemical Industry is focusing on the dilemmas as none-standardized packaging, damaged pollution, pollution process with long time, and takes the goods safety as the first protocols, based on the high standard quality safety management system, through intelligent controlling management system, realized the visualization of transportation and storage for the entire process, and made the integrated joint defense, intelligent monitoring, fast response supply china safety management, which are mainly serving the Petroleum Chemicals, Plastics Wares, Rubber Wares and Chemical Fibers and some other items.

Industrial Dilemmas


Large Volume Goods, High Requirement on Transportation Resources Response


No Standard Packaging for Goods, High Requirement on Safety Prevention


Damaged Easy Environmental Broken, Complicated Processing


The Goods has high requirement on Storage Temperature and Humidity, Light, and with Odors, Poor Share Rate for Storage Resources

Core Advantages

Transportation Recourse

Yuanfu owns vehicles for over 600,the social cooperative and controllable resources are over 10,000, enriched vehicle resources, besides, it can make coordination and sharing for project needs and multiple project resources.

Professional Storage

According to the goods features, set-up storage temperature and humidity and light-avoiding, separation on the odor goods and storage areas, making flexible separation adjustment according to the real needs, which optimized the cost with accurate management.

Safety Guarantee

Professional Secondary Packaging, Vehicle Loading Schemes and Fixed Schemes, lower down the displacement rage of transportation process, lower down the damages, high standard safety management system, intelligent monitoring management system, visualization surveillance and fast response.

Service Content


  • National wide backbone network opening, guaranteed the transportation timeliness

  • Multiple projects recourses sharing, guaranteed the transportation sufficiency

  • Standardized operational process guaranteed transportation quality and safety

  • Fast emergency plan, current response, deals with the abnormal processing


  • Operation for Warehousing and Out-bound Operation

  • Return to Warehouse/Factory

  • Daily Stock

  • Temperature and Humidity Surveillance

  • Goods Loading and Unloading

  • Secondary Packaging

Safety Prevention

  • Safety Packaging

  • OPI

  • Delivery Loading and Unloading

  • Goods Insurance

  • Current Surveillance/Abnormality Alarms

  • Abnormal Processing