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Solution Schemes for Supply Chain in New Energy Industry

The Solution Schemes of Supply Chain in New Energy Industry is the ones that Yuanfu focuses on the logistics dilemmas it has as over width and over weight, high values, high requirement on timeliness, multiple freight forwarders management, poor coordinative ability, low operational efficiency rate, through the customized solution schemes, building up the national wide storage network, multiple cooperative transportation plan, information system management, supporting landing service, solved customer’s logistics dilemmas, and promoted the service experiences; All of which are mainly serving the Wind Energy, Photovoltaic, New Energy Automobile, Biomass Energy and many types of customers.

Industrial Dilemmas


Multiple Carriers, Information Disconnection; 


Transportation Routes Planning Needs; 


 Irregular Transportation Preventions.

Core Advantages

Customized Solution Schemes

Yuanfu provides the solution schemes for the supply chain of the New Energy Industry customers as Optimized Business Process, Warehouse Layout and Transportation Routes Planning, Taxation Planning, which helped the enterprise gain the best optimized cost in supply chain.

National Warehouse Distribution Network

Yuanfu covers the national wide distribution network, covered the seven regions in Eastern China, Southern China, Northern China, Central China, Southwestern China, Northeastern China and Northwest China, totally 55 cities, high coordination on storage schedules, which also highly improved the delivery efficiency in a large scale.

Multi-mode Transportation Recourses

Yuanfu owns over thousands of contracted and controllable transportation vehicles, through the resources integrations in Expressway, Railway and waterway, formed a customized solution schemes to realize the lower cost of transportation.

Information Management Capability

Yuanfu depends on the information platform, self-developed super parts of transportation management system, which can satisfy the customer’s needs in New Energy Industry, with unified management and multiple carriers, then improved the order response ability by information coordination.

Landing Service Capability

Yuanfu provides the terminal service team for the customers, following up the project with the entire process, providing the service needs as response the field project, realized the accurate control for business operation; Regulated the management and risk controllable.